Saturday, May 12, 2007

Watch videos, photos, slideshows; listen radio and music from watch

A Watch to watch and listen!

Gadget developers try to put as many options as possible in one piece of gadget! After the Mobile phone introduction there came mobile phones with camera option. Then gradually video cam, voice recorder, mp3 player, etc options were added. Similar changes are happening in wrist watch industry as well! Here comes a wrist watch with video play back, supports mp3, mp4, WMA, JPEG formats.

OPTIONS include changeable time date format, 5-equalizer modes, picture viewing, thumbnail, slidesow, built in 2GB flash memory, 8 hours continue playing, multilanguage support, voice recording, FM radio. What more you can ask for?! But the question is how well this product will gain popularity among the consumer and what age group will prefer this multi tech time piece!

Epocq mp4 video wrist watch [via wrist dreams]


Sree's Views said...

Hello Thiru..
How are u?
That was a nice post :)
How heavy is the watch ?
Somehow I dont like one gadget doing the work of another.
I have always felt that the microwave without the convection is better . When u need convection , there is always the oven....anyway to each his own.
nice post :)

priya said...

I wonder if you can walk seeing the foothpath or the watch;))

Nice one thou'.

Thiru said...

Thanks Sree
I am fine. Watch details your find from the provided link. I do agree with your view on microwave and convection! microwave steams and convection smokes and they should be separate!

Thiru said...

Hi priya thanks.
good question...
solution: hold on to your beloved with another hand while walking!