Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bharathi and Einstein are essentially same!

Nirpadhuve nadappadhuve parappadhuve
NeengaL ellam soppanam thaano
Pala thotRa mayakkangaLo
KaRpadhuve ketpadhuve karudhuvadhe
NeengaL ellam ardhamaiyaigaLo
ummuL aazhndha poruLillaiyo
ummuL aazhndha poruLillaiyo

Vaanagame ILaveyile marancharive
NeengaL ellam kaanalin neero
Verum kaatchi pizhaithaano

Ponadhellaam kanavinaipol
udaindhaezhundhe ponadhanaal
Naanum or kanavo
indha gnalamum(?) Poithaano

Yes it is the song from the tamil movie Bharathi and the lyrics is from Bharathi's poem. I never read this poem until it came in the movie. When I first heard this song I was simply amazed.
First of all its a beautiful song on human consciousness wondering on the beauties of nature and raising the question, is this all real or illusion? Bharathi has captured this eternal wondering of humanity so nicely in this poem.
After hearing the song first time, my mind immediately started drawing rare correlations, which I wonder how many of you will agree with me?! In the song it goes like...
Kaalamendre oru ninaivum
Kaatchi endru pala ninaivum
Kolamum poigaLo
andha gunangalum poigaLo
kalamendre oru ninaivum - meaning time; and katchi endre pala ninaivum - meaning visible space, put together bharathi questions... this time and space, are they real?
The same question was asked by another human being who lived in his period in a different continent, he is known as Albert Einstein.
Questioning Einstein was a great physicist, so we got amazing equations, revealing the secrets of nature. Bharathi was a great poet and so we got marvelous poems that can open up one's heart and soul to connect with the nature. But essentially their quest was same and got expressed in their own way.

and the song continues....

Kaanbadhellaam maraiyumendraal
Maraindhadhellaam kaanbamandro

Naanum or kanavo
Indha gnalamum(!) Poithaano
is he proposing the possibility of time travel to the past? which can be debated now in science or am I trying to read too much in his lines?!

here is the song ...


Sowmya said...

Very nice post :)

Amazed to know your reach about these two legends.This shows, truth is one, only the dimensions of viewing it ,is different.

Sowmya said...

hey thiru,

Thanks for your blog colors. I just copied your's :)

Note: Dont ask for any royalty :(

Sree's Views said...

Hi Thiru

Kaanbadhellaam maraiyumendraal
Maraindhadhellaam kaanbamandro

Maraindhadhellam kaanbamanro ?
past ta thirupiyum paakaradha ?
is he saying 'history repeats itself' ?
or neenga sonna maari time machine..
he has great (wow) imagination..
so it cld be his fantasy :)

Naanum or kanavo//
Idhu romba azhagu ...
I think even lesser mortals like me
feel like that sometimes...

Indha gnalamum(!) Poithaano//
gnalamumna enanga ?

Paatu maathram super :)

Thiru said...

sowmya: thanks and you are welcome.

hi sree

//Maraindhadhellam kaanbamanro ?

I believe he means
seeing the past, and not the history repeating itself which is similar events getting repeated.

//Naanum or kanavo
Idhu romba azhagu ...
I think even lesser mortals like me
feel like that sometimes...//

in a sense its true. we are all nothing but atoms assembled from the genetic message evolved over millions of years passed on from parents to build a biomachine, that is us, to sense the world around us, experience pain and pleasure and eventually die out and become part of the earth, again to be part of another biomachine. so the atoms in us are witnessing a dream and it would have had millions of dreams in various life forms, being part of a plant (vegetable you ate today) or animal (the whole chicken that u gulped yesterday) and it will continue to dream until life ceases to exist on earth. Many atoms in your body will have a super mega serial stories to tell if you can listen to them.

//Indha gnalamum(!) Poithaano//
gnalamumna enanga ?//

as far as I could figure out, it means Universe or world.

Sree's Views said...

Hey Thiru...
Very nicely explained :)
I enjoyed reading it (except the chicken part ofcourse :( lol ).
As u said..since its nothing but atoms trying to percieve another set of atoms...I think it makes sense to be happy all the time and make best use of life :)

gnalam na universaa ? ok..I thgt it was a typo for gnyanam :))
and if Bharathiyar was kostening his knowledge.
Avaroda kannan , kannamma padalgal...engeyo kondupoidum :)
Nice post , Thiru !

Thiru said...

sree: thanks. oh are you a veggie?!

Sree's Views said...

. oh are you a veggie?! //
neenga vera...
aana oru muzhu kozhi too much illa :P
neenga ?

Thiru said...

me... a non veggie. I have a special preference for home grown rabbit!! lol.

Sree's Views said...

enga veetla oru german shepherd kooda valarkarom...anuppi vaikatuma :P

Thiru said...


oh yes do send... we will both feast together!

Sree's Views said...

adhu Hyderabadi biriyani dhaan saapidum :P

Thiru said...

oh thats fine.
I too had enjoyed hyderabadi briyani in hyderabad itself for two years. My friend often ensured that his stomach gets bulged while my purse had to undergo an opposite experience!
I will see that your shepherd doesn't get disappointed!

Anonymous said...

hellooo !! whats going on here.bharathi with hydrabadi biriyani ?

Sree's Views said...

oh great..so u have an idea where to to get good biriyani in Hyd :)
have u tried Southern Spice in Banjara hills ?
and please order Qubani ka Meetha for the G.shepherd for dessert :) haan..almost forgot...with 2 scoops of vanilla icecream :P
(enna..unga friende betteraa :P )

this is so common..comment sections are usually to drift away and humor takes an upper hand :)
come to my blog and u wld'nt know what the original topic was :))

Thiru said...


is that all? or more in the list to order?!


//hellooo !! whats going on here.bharathi with hydrabadi biriyani ?//

didn't you notice baradi is hiding in hyrdrabadi briyani?!

hyd-rabadi = hyd baradi!!


Sree's Views said...

Hey Thriu...
Adhu podhum paa..my G.shepherd will be happy :)

//didn't you notice baradi is hiding in hyrdrabadi briyani?!

hyd-rabadi = hyd baradi!!//
ahaaa...sooper :)
aamam enga ? enga blog kitta ungala kaanala ?
over to next post :)

Anonymous said...

just a thought ... any poem can be interpreted in many number of ways ... we cannot really say that bharathiyar meant "x" or "y" ... it can be x, y or even z ... its just our perception ... he loves nature, and he is amazed and is wondering or in other words, he just cant believe that its all an illusion ... he talks [b]"Advaita"[/] in this song ... you can google this word and find what it means if you have not heard abt it ... and by the way, gnalam is ulagam or world not universe ...

by "kaanbadellam ... " line, i think he tries to reinforce the thought that "change is the rule of nature" ... meaning, things that exist today may not be there tomorrow and vice versa ... its all illusion, and perception ... basically deception ...

anyway, as i said before, we can interpret it in as many ways as we want ... this is just my interpretation ...


just mad said...

I happened to read your post accidentally, its a good note :) and am really impressed by the correlation.

I have read Bharathiyar's ( that song ) many times and heard that, but I had never thought about that.

வெறும் காட்சி பிழைதானோ ...

that is the best of all and I could relate more now.

Great ! :)

chyren said...

hey great i had the same thought.... abt that song

therobodreams said...

Hi Thiru,

It's a pleasure that there are lots of incoming comments from the legend's diary. Proud of you all.

I stand for your view over his lines and also I must admit that whenever I read this particular poem, everytime I have a different perspective in intrepreting what he has chanted. Obviously this is one of the amazing stuff where he relates time and space and thank you so much for bring that in a perfect frame comparing that with Einstein's perspective.

Nirmala J said...

Hi! Good interpretation!

Tot i'd share my view on the lines:
Kaanbadhellaam maraiyumendraal
Maraindhadhellaam kaanbamandro

Everything around us is made up of atoms n molecules. What we call chemical reactions basically alter these arrangements n result in "new" substances.

Have you heard of siddhars n astha maa siddhis? Some siddhars have unlocked the power to rearrange atoms n molecules in things,air,etc to seemingly form "new" things as well. They call it materialisation.

That is real and I've witnessed that first hand in Malaysia.

Bharathiyar is a Gnani. He's trying to teach the vedantic advaitha concept. That's what Swami Vivekananda preached throughout the world as well.

Anonymous said...

I inclination not concur on it. I over nice post. Expressly the title-deed attracted me to study the whole story.

Sathish Kumar AD said...

Halo Thiru,

I am very much moved by the way you put the things into context. Many thanks for bringing the similarities.

May such works continue.

Sathish Kumar AD

Anonymous said...

I am afraid, that I do not know.