Thursday, May 31, 2007

Best way to receive award from the hands of a cute girl!

An old video clip of Jim Carrey receiving an award for the Cable guy...

watch the after effect expression on her face!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bharathi and Einstein are essentially same!

Nirpadhuve nadappadhuve parappadhuve
NeengaL ellam soppanam thaano
Pala thotRa mayakkangaLo
KaRpadhuve ketpadhuve karudhuvadhe
NeengaL ellam ardhamaiyaigaLo
ummuL aazhndha poruLillaiyo
ummuL aazhndha poruLillaiyo

Vaanagame ILaveyile marancharive
NeengaL ellam kaanalin neero
Verum kaatchi pizhaithaano

Ponadhellaam kanavinaipol
udaindhaezhundhe ponadhanaal
Naanum or kanavo
indha gnalamum(?) Poithaano

Yes it is the song from the tamil movie Bharathi and the lyrics is from Bharathi's poem. I never read this poem until it came in the movie. When I first heard this song I was simply amazed.
First of all its a beautiful song on human consciousness wondering on the beauties of nature and raising the question, is this all real or illusion? Bharathi has captured this eternal wondering of humanity so nicely in this poem.
After hearing the song first time, my mind immediately started drawing rare correlations, which I wonder how many of you will agree with me?! In the song it goes like...
Kaalamendre oru ninaivum
Kaatchi endru pala ninaivum
Kolamum poigaLo
andha gunangalum poigaLo
kalamendre oru ninaivum - meaning time; and katchi endre pala ninaivum - meaning visible space, put together bharathi questions... this time and space, are they real?
The same question was asked by another human being who lived in his period in a different continent, he is known as Albert Einstein.
Questioning Einstein was a great physicist, so we got amazing equations, revealing the secrets of nature. Bharathi was a great poet and so we got marvelous poems that can open up one's heart and soul to connect with the nature. But essentially their quest was same and got expressed in their own way.

and the song continues....

Kaanbadhellaam maraiyumendraal
Maraindhadhellaam kaanbamandro

Naanum or kanavo
Indha gnalamum(!) Poithaano
is he proposing the possibility of time travel to the past? which can be debated now in science or am I trying to read too much in his lines?!

here is the song ...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Naming a joint new venture with your spouse? get inspiration from six apart!

If you are planning to start a new joint venture with your spouse don't forget to take a slice of inspiration from Mena Trott and Ben Trott in naming the new company. Co-founders of the popular software company SixApart Ltd, creators of Movable Type blogware, TypePad blog hosting service and Vox, have interesting reason behind naming their company as SixApart. The name was coined from the six days age difference between the married co-founders Mena and Ben. Ben during his unemployment period wrote a software for Mena to publish her weblog. That software's version 1.0 made available on internet received >100 downloads in the first hour motivated them to create the company SixApart, selling the popular blogware, Movable Type. Wish to check Mena's corner!

Sergey Brin (Aug, 1973) and Larry Page (March, 1973), Google co-founders were also six apart, not in days, but in months! just cherry picking the coincidences!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bruce lee's rarely known interview on Pierre Berton show

In the ancient Indian epic, Mahabarata, Guru Dhronacharya, in the course of teaching archery decides to test his students ability. He keeps a wooden bird hung to a tree and summoned his students. He asked each student one by one to aim for the eye of the wooden bird and be ready to shoot. Once they were ready to shoot he would ask them to describe what they see? Students generally describe the garden, sky, trees and the bird itself. Dhronacharya then asked them step away. When asked what he could see, Arjuna told that he could only see the bird's eye and you know the rest of the story.

Now why talk about Arjuna with Bruce Lee in title! For us Arjuna is only an epic personality, he might have lived for real or may not be is left to one's belief. But here is a person who lived equivalent to that level of dedication to his art, in his case its the martial art. Most of us would have seen and enjoyed Bruce Lee's movies for what it is, but rarely we know the true personality of Bruce Lee. I believe you can fairly understand his personality from this interview recorded 9th December 1971, two years before his death. Normally we can watch people talking with their "heart and mind" but I see Bruce Lee talking with his "heart and body"

In this interview he is completely informal and ditches down the super star status given to him in his period. His body language and expressions are a real treat to watch. To mention some of his quotes from the interview:

"to me... ultimately... martial art means... honestly expressing yourself"

to Berton's final question, whether you think yourself as a Chinese or a North American, he answers...

"honestly I want to think of myself as a human being, under the sky there is but one family, it so just happened man people are different"

I say, here lived a Arjuna, a person whom we have seen in flesh and blood.

the interview...

Friday, May 18, 2007

A tamil Podcast from Suresh, on Tamil media: a reality check

It is interesting and encouraging to see Indian bloggers adopt internet resources to publish their views more freely using audio/visual media. is one such resource available specially for Indian podcasters and audiobloggers. Through podbazaar you can do podcast or audioblog for free. You can also listen to podcasts of your choice from Indian podcasters spread in various parts of India and rest of the world, on various topics. Interested in trying?! goahead!

Here I will introduce Suresh Kumar, an Indian blogger who blogs in also podcasts via podbazaar under two topics: random ramblings and mahabaratham pesukirathu

Recently I was impressed on hearing his latest podcast episode titled as Tamil media: a reality check presented under random ramblings. I am embedding it here for listening. This podcast is in tamil language.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Parents of this kid should be warned or arrested for child abuse?

Recently I was browsing through the "movers and shakers" list of google videos and was shocked to see this short video on a kid playing with a cobra snake. Although I guess that snake is made harmless with removal of its poisonous tooth, still the speed at which it hits is too much to handle for a crawling baby. Imagine what damage it could cause if the snake hits on the baby's eyes wide open. Unimaginable right? This video seems to be added recently and I guess soon it will get popular in internet video circle, unless google takes step to remove it, I hope it does so. I am curious as well to know people's response for this kind of child abuse (did I put it right?). Your thoughts on this?

Google Blogger adds header Image option!

Google Bloggers might have admired some of the blogspot blogs using beautiful images in the blog headers and would have wanted to do the same for their blogs, but where left with no option to do so, unless you take the pain of tweaking the html codes of your template. But now Google has added the easiest option to add header image! In the Blogger dashboard page, click on the layout and then click on edit option in the header element, you will get a pop up window as shown below...

Upload a image you wish to have in the header of your blog and enter save changes .... bingo! there appears your desired image on top of your blog! Take care to choose and resize image of appropriate length and breadth with any photo editor for better appearance and blending with your blog. In few attempts you will get it right. You can use your imagination and creativity to make an impressive header for your blog. Alternatively you can also upload image from any websites, such as a photo collection and sharing website like Flickr, Photobucket, etc. By the way most of you know Flickr is developed as a photo sharing website later acquired by yahoo for around $35 million dollars and Photobucket is a similar site popularly used and shortly will be acquired by

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ilayaraja's Janani Janani - one of his best ever green song!

People talk of so many great musicians of the world, but for me what counts as the best enjoyable music is that which touches you and evoke strongly your deep emotions. And to live in that period of a musician who creates such music for you is very special. Yes... I am talking about the wonderful man! none other than Ilayaraja who has made lots of moments to be happier in millions of life. Will be posting more on his creations in future, as of now enjoy his Janani janani song which makes one to experience the mysterious spiritual feeling.

Ilayaraja singing live

Original version in movie

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Watch videos, photos, slideshows; listen radio and music from watch

A Watch to watch and listen!

Gadget developers try to put as many options as possible in one piece of gadget! After the Mobile phone introduction there came mobile phones with camera option. Then gradually video cam, voice recorder, mp3 player, etc options were added. Similar changes are happening in wrist watch industry as well! Here comes a wrist watch with video play back, supports mp3, mp4, WMA, JPEG formats.

OPTIONS include changeable time date format, 5-equalizer modes, picture viewing, thumbnail, slidesow, built in 2GB flash memory, 8 hours continue playing, multilanguage support, voice recording, FM radio. What more you can ask for?! But the question is how well this product will gain popularity among the consumer and what age group will prefer this multi tech time piece!

Epocq mp4 video wrist watch [via wrist dreams]

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Best Powerpoint presentations in the World - Contest results, a Youtube version for powerpoint slide presentation, held a contest for making the best Powerpoint presentation. The results were recently announced, top three prize winners presentations embedded below were chosen by well known speakers and presenters Guy Kawasaki, Bert Decker, Garr Reynolds and Jerry Weissman. Prizes were sponsored by Microsoft. In addition to top three prizes, there is also a People's choice winner won by a presentation on Indian snack Panipuri!

First prize: An alienware laptop w windows vista for Shift Happens

Second prize: An Xbox 360 and 3 games for Meet Henry

Third prize: An Xbox 360 for Sustainable food lab

People’s Choice Winner goes to mouth watering Panipuri presentation (Indian snack)

Michael Jackson's moon walk and present days treadmill walk!

We all have watched and enjoyed Michael Jackson's moonwalk, both from his albums and from his live stage shows. What about the present generation doing with its creativity potentials in the dance arena?! Don't keep wondering, following youtube videos will answer this question. They have hybridized modern day aerobic tools with dance and here comes Treadmill walk. At times it gives a skating effect. Watch, enjoy and share with your friends.

start with Michael Jackson's moonwalk and then.... this Treadmill walk ....!!! and if you have time...

... then watch this comedy Treadmill walk!

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Friday, May 4, 2007

Shreya Ghoshal - SaReGaMa - part4

If you face video streaming problem, pause the video for a while and then watch it!

Devdas - golden moments - 10

Thank You to SaReGaMaPa - 11

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Shreya Ghoshal - SaReGaMa - part3

If you face video streaming problem, pause the video for a while and then watch it!

Introduction - golden moments - 7

Yeh zindagi usi ki hai - golden moments - 8

Khoee Khoee - golden moments - 9

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Shreya Ghoshal - SaReGaMa - part2

If you face video streaming problem, pause the video for a while and then watch it!

Jhumka Gira Re - golden moments - 4

Kuhu Kuhu Bole Koyaliya - golden moments - 5

Saari Saari Raat - golden moments - 6

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Shreya Ghoshal - SaReGaMa - part1
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Shreya Ghoshal - SaReGaMa - part1

Shreya Ghoshal is a wonderful gift to the Indian music world. She has become a valuable asset in Bollywood as well as in Tamil, Telugu and other language movie industry with her sweet voice and marvellous singing. Those who have viewed and enjoyed Shreya goshal participation in SaReGaMa in Zee tv, years back can view again those golden moments. And for those who missed it, here is the chance to view them. View, enjoy and share with your friends. You can see as Shreya Ghoshal grows along the competition as a kid. You can also find her mother in some video clippings growing (old) as well (lol!).

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If you face video streaming problem, pause the video for a while and then watch it!

Suniyo ji - golden moments - 1

Paan Khaye Sanyia - golden moments - 2

Jiva Laga (Marathi song) - golden moments - 3

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Thursday, May 3, 2007

West meets East! - Richard Gere kiss Shilpa Shetty

West meets East!

the East reacts!

And the West reports!