Thursday, May 17, 2007

Parents of this kid should be warned or arrested for child abuse?

Recently I was browsing through the "movers and shakers" list of google videos and was shocked to see this short video on a kid playing with a cobra snake. Although I guess that snake is made harmless with removal of its poisonous tooth, still the speed at which it hits is too much to handle for a crawling baby. Imagine what damage it could cause if the snake hits on the baby's eyes wide open. Unimaginable right? This video seems to be added recently and I guess soon it will get popular in internet video circle, unless google takes step to remove it, I hope it does so. I am curious as well to know people's response for this kind of child abuse (did I put it right?). Your thoughts on this?


Pegasus said...

man this is a cruel video... i almost flinched a couple of times

tulipspeaks said...

i cant bring myself to watch. too much cruelty nowadays.

btwn, u got a nice blog here.


Thiru said...

pegasus: yes it is.

tulipspeaks: thanks for the comments.

Suresh said...

This is freaking funny man! :))

enna periya cruelty? adhu pallu pudingina paambu. And it's their parents who are letting it play (yes, play!) with it. They know it's harmless. over build up kuduthatheenga pa. At least the parents aren't letting some fat "swamiji" stomp on the child's tummy. Relax guys.

Sowmya said...



//"Although I guess that snake is made harmless with removal of its poisonous tooth, still the speed at which it hits is too much to handle for a crawling baby. Imagine what damage it could cause if the snake hits on the baby's eyes wide open.//"

I think, you dint read the post fully. Everyone knows that this snake is harmless.and its all for play. My question is,how can you simply deliver, its all just for fun. Do you think these things can happen with 6 yr old boy.

kelvi ketka theriyatha kuzhanthaya iruntha enna vena pannalam athu parents viruppam.... Vitta, athu avanga urimai nu kooda solluveenga pola irukke.100 mt mela kooda thooki pottu pidikalam athu child abuse illa nu solluveengalo.

naan ninaikaren...critics kuduthu kuduthu, ellame ungalukku easy aa sollida mudiuthu pola.kuzhanthaya shake panninave abuse nu sollapaduthu Ref :

ippadi fun panni vilayadara alavukku ivlavu kodurama thonaratha unga comments innnum encourage than pannuthu.child abuse na unga dictionary la ennanga..

Suresh said...


First of all, it's a sarcastic message. But I'll play devil's advocate and try to defend how you've understood it.

I did read the post fully. I just restated the point. Human eye lids have faster reflexes than a snake's strike (unless it's a spitting cobra). So that side of the danger doesn't really exist. And human eyes are actually strong enough to bear such blunt strikes even when exposed directly. (Just making that point clear.)

If one were to prosecute the parents for 'child abuse' I want to know what kind of arguments he/she will put across? What is the potential risk involved in what we see in the clip?

Would there be such hue and cry if it were a dog that was licking the baby's face? Would anyone say "Dogs can go crazy any moment. What if it had become irritated with the child's crawl and bitten it?"
If the criticism above is to be taken seriously, no one can have pet dogs in their house when they have an infant.

Snakes are portrayed and perceived as dangerous reptiles for particular reasons. Each snake has its own weapon to attack its prey. Cobra has its venom. Pythons constrict. I wouldn't be saying it was funny had it been a python - which can strangle and kills no matter what you do to its teeth.

We as Indians, for the most part, are brought up to fear and loathe snakes, especially cobras. So whenever we see a cobra we assume danger. Whether it has fangs or not becomes immaterial. So in this clip because we see a baby - innocent and perceived to be completely helpless - with a cobra - something that is supposedly dangerous, no matter what - we go "aah this is child abuse."

Our reaction has more to do with our misunderstanding of the situation and our socially constructed notions of snakes than what is close to reality. (Excuse me for quoting a statement that I often use in my blogs and podcasts.)

If you say it's animal cruelty, I'll probably agree.

There, I've defended what I didn't even mean in the first place.:p

Adhukkulla neenga ennavo don't shake children adhu idhu'nu sites quote panreenga. I know all that too. In fact, I believe that giving children a religious identity when they are minors is nothing short of child abuse. So yes, all of us have our own understanding of what is child abuse. The only common ground to solve such subjective differences is the law. And I don't see anything unlawful in this clip.

Aside: eppudi irukkeenga? Pesi romba naal aachu :))

Sowmya said...

Suresh, vaanga..vaanga :)

Abuse can be in any form. The word can be gauged with so many different opinions.
For some , sexual abuse of a child is known as child abuse. For some, using the children as beggars in the street, for some, child labours. Exploiting the children to make money to come out of their poverty is also a kind of child abuse. Exploiting the ignorance of the infant abuse are more at India.

Even the people who are abusing their own children for their own causes, it is extremely difficult to get responses from children on such a sensitive subject because of their inability to fully understand the different dimensions of child abuse and to talk about their experiences.

This particular video shows that the child’s parent exploited the kid for some causes. May be the cause is to make money or for fame. Playing with pets at home is completely a different scenario and ofcourse , allowing pets to the infant ( within 12 months) is not a right thing at all. Children who can reacts or responds with some maturity can be able to handle the pets well.

In India, most of the parent never treat their kid as an individual. They declare the ownership, by using their children as they like. The Willful cruelty or unjustifiable usage of a child should get punished.

I think, you had a very light opinion about this video. As for as I am concern, child abuse should not take place in any form., whether, its physical, sexual, emotional. Exploiting the children without their knowledge in any form should be punished. I dint take this issue seriously becoz of this child is with the snake.

And your statement

\\ “If you say it's animal cruelty, I'll probably agree.”// -
\\ “ In fact, I believe that giving children a religious identity when they are minors is nothing short of child abuse “//

May be you belong to Blue cross. Animal first…Human next aa..

Muthal la pasiku soru theduvom..apprama religious identity pathi pesalame..

\\” eppudi irukkeenga? Pesi romba naal aachu :))//

--- Naan nalama irukenga….. athan ippadi pesikarome

Suresh said...


Once again, we all know what child abuse is. We all know what the wiki page has to say about it. So let's not go into those details. It's redundant.

This is very likely to be a home video shot by a white tourist who was filming the family of a snake charmer. I don't think he got any money for doing this. You can hear female voices cheering the whole thing. I didn't sound like it's being done once for the sake of money. And the video is available for free in all web portals. So let's not speculate beyond what we see and hear.

And lets not talk about exploitation of children here. Because then you can even argue that having children is itself a form of exploitation. You are bringing a human life into this world without its consensus or approval. Simply because it gives "meaning" to one's life. That the child may have "good" life is after-the-fact and assumptive. So bearing children in itself is selfish, non-consensual and exploitative (if one has to argue to the extremes).

I ask you the same question again. What is the potential danger in what we see in this video? How is this cruel? After 3 strikes the child is still calm and crawling further towards the snake (which tells how "painful" each strike would have been).

Yes, I do, as a matter of fact, have a very light opinion about this video. I have stronger opinions about people who send their children to school, dance-class, computer-class, music lessons etc., and make them work for 16 hours a day. All In the name of "education and development."

I agree with you too. Child abuse should not take place in any form. But I don't think what I see in the video is child abuse. That's how they live.
It just reminds me of the kind of families in some regions of Indonesia and Thailand where children sleep with their pet snakes. Yes, snakes are officially recognized as pets in that country.
We are in no position to hold ourselves high in a pedestal to judge what they should or shouldn't do. We are judging their lifestyles based on our own. This how bigotry permeates through various layers. If we permit that line of argument then we'll also have to accept the argument that bearing children is an abuse in itself.

Piercing ears to circumcision, there are several other forms of child abuse that go unnoticed simply because it's done on the name of religion. I mean, the children kick and scream and bleed when they do any of it. But no govt. has deemed it unlawful yet.

Let's dissect the video further: on one hand the snake - a wild animal - has been removed from its natural habitat, defanged and made into a harmless pet, stripping off all its natural survival abilities. On the other hand you have a small child crawling and 'playing' with a pet (what it was before it became a pet is a different issue). Snakes don't strike unless they feel threatened. So who's experiencing the trauma here? The child? Or the snake?

Let's not try to generalize a specific opinion to everything, every time. What I said is specific to this case and that's all I'm asking for - a case by case understanding of what we see, hear and read.

{{Muthal la pasiku soru theduvom..apprama religious identity pathi pesalame..}}

Idhennanga ippudi oru escapist statement? Naano, neengalo, inga blog eludhra ivaro pasi kodumailaya vaadittu irukkom?

Hunger is not the only problem for the poor and we are not even talking about the poor. 'Pasi Kodumai' is not relevant to most of us, appuram enna thideer karisanam?

But you are right, modhalla pasikku soru theduvom, appuram child abuse pathi pesalam. enna, sari dhana? unga logic padiye comment'a mudichukren. :))

syedalijets said...

yes it is.

Anonymous said...

yes it is.