Monday, April 30, 2007

A Rajinikanth tamil movie clip which rocks in YouTube

In the past I have watched various kinds of video clips in Youtube including song clips and movie clips from India, in tamil, hindi and other languages. But recently I noticed one tamil movie clip having received 5.3 million views thats astonishing 53 lakh views, which I never came across for any Indian video clip before. Then I looked into why that clip has received so much attention, I realized its not just viewed by Indians or Tamils alone, its popular among youtube viewers all over the world irrespective of language or country. And the main attraction in the clip is that the short person dancing so fantastically for the music switched on and off by Tamil Super star Rajinikanth.

This video has impressed people so much in the internet world to the extent that some foreigners have produced their own imitation version for this clip with their own dancing and video editing. I guess you will enjoy watching westerners making a remake for an Indian movie clip that too from Rajinikanth movie. You can share this page with friends by email!
If you face video streaming problem, pause the video for a while and then watch it!

Original version


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Yahoo Buzz on this video clip while it crossed one million views

An Indian explaining about the clip to a curious Westerner

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Attitude - Key to Happiness

Tamil : வெள்ளத் தனைய மலர்நீட்டம் மாந்தர்தம் உள்ளத் தனையது உயர்வு (by Thiruvalluvar).

Transliteration : veLLath thanaiya malarn-iittam maanthartham uLLath thanaiyathu uyarvu.

Translation : Lotus flower stalk grows in accordance to the water level, and so does one grows in accordance to their attitude or to put it short, Your Attitude determines Your Altitude.

Among 1330 Thirukural couplets written by Thiruvalluvar, I like this one the most for various reasons. It eloquently describes the correlation of one's attitude with the potential level of growth they can realize in life. Following chart will give a fair idea about how far attitude can go in a person's life. Its worth to note that attitude contributes nearly 12 fold more than money for happiness!

It reminds me of a popular quote...

"watch your thoughts, for they become words
watch your words, for they become actions
watch your actions, for they become habits
watch your habits, for they become character
watch your character, for they become your destiny".

I would like to add one more line in between, to make it more effective!

"watch your thoughts, for they become attitude
watch your attitude, for they become your words
watch your words, for they become actions
watch your actions, for they become habits
watch your habits, for they become character
watch your character, for they become your destiny".

Your comments?!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Indians strict food preference sustains a unique service market-Dabbawala

I read an interesting blog post of Seth Godin, an entrepreneur and a prolific business-book author. All Marketers are Liars and Unleashing the idea virus (ebook) are notable bestsellers from his list. Seth in his post, the Dabbawalla's secret, writes about the phenomenon of Dabbawallas in Mumbai who deliver thousands of homemade freshly prepared lunches to the customer's from their family. Seth singles out a marketing key, the trust, and existence of trust leads to responsibility which eventually result in the minimal error rate of one in six million for wrong delivery in dabbawala service. About 5000 dabbawallas serve lunches to around 200,000 people everyday in Mumbai. Prince Charles on his visit to India showed high interest in meeting and hearing about the system from Dabbawalas.

Watch the history behind and dabbawallas in action in the following short clip, in which writer & TV personality Anthony Bourdain auditions actresses. (narration on dabbawala starts from 2 min 10 sec onwards)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Maths Ramanujan, talked in a Hollywood movie

Recently I enjoyed watching Good Will Hunting (1997), a ten year old Hollywood movie. I felt it as one of the rare kind of movie. Those who have watched it would appreciate it for various reasons. I specially liked the climax, when the hero, Will Hunting, though an extraordinarily gifted genius could have easily achieved world fame with his level of intelligence doesn't care a damn about it and instead goes after what his heart really longs for. After watching the movie my mind wandered on how many of us in real world, live a life like that, forget about being genius like him, have we seriously pondered on what we really want in life or just getting carried away in the social tides where we are put up with?

Another interesting scene in this movie worth mentioning especially relating to the title of this post! is that Indian Math genius Ramanujan props up in a discussion between Robin Willams (as Sean Maguire) and Stellan Skarsgard (as Gerald Lambeau) about the way Ramanujam was discovered by Prof. Hardy from Cambridge. Watch this scene in following video.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Hi World !

Ok finally I decided to ramble through a blog and here goes the first post. Will keep writing stuffs as it flows. Lets see where it goes.