Saturday, June 2, 2007

ada ennatha solvenungo... thamizhanoda attagasam thaangalingo!

see for yourself! and comment!

but this one is cute and far better than original movie version of it... this is from Diwali celebration in Japan where in Japanese girls and kids dance together for a tamil song from gilli - shalala.

movie version of it... just for reference! and...

here is one more tamil kuthu dance performed by Japanese girls on stage with mega display screen behind! (etho ennala mudinja thamizh sevai!)


Sree's Views said...

Hey Thiru...
Ennadaa..indha pulla Bharadhiyaar pathi ellam ezhudharaarennu paarthaa...ippodhaaney puriyudhu..thamizh sevainna ennannu :P :))
nadathunga nadathunga :P

Thiru said...

hey SREE

bharathi patriyum ezhuthuvaen
paartha rathi patriyum ezhuthuvaen!

balar said...


vadumaanga than super pongae..:)

priya said...

Isn't that so sweet with beautiful steps for the song.